Foodie Trip to Portland Oregon

I spent the last four days in Portland, Oregon with a long-time friend who is definitely a foodie.  We go back a long way and always credit the other as the one that got us into cooking.  I’m pretty sure it was her.  I still remember the day, in Central Illinois, when she told me she had to get home because she had bread rising.  She came from San Francisco with her own sour dough starter. And the first time I ever had sushi was at her home (in Central Illinois in 1976). She says her husband always gives me the credit for her interest in cooking, and I have to admit at her daughter’s wedding he mentioned it in the speech.  But remember…we were in Central Illinois that winter and cooking was definitely an outlet.

As people often do…we keep talking about meeting halfway between northern WA and northern CA.  This time we made it happen.  We met halfway (almost!).  I hadn’t been in Portland for years, but my kids had lots of recommendations.

Besides the food truck tour, we ate at Pok Pok, Mucca, and Clyde Common.

We made the trip, in the pouring rain, to Pok Pok on Division Street because our kids are such fans. We ordered the most popular dishes, and everything was excellent…..roasted hen with 2 dipping sauces, Vietnamese fish sauce wings, Spicy papaya salad, and pomegranate drinking vinegar, something I will be experimenting with in the near future, so stay tuned…..

It’s dining month in Portland. Many restaurants have a tasting menu for $29.00.  How great is that!  We found that menu at Mucca and since we were sharing…we ordered everything but one dish (I believe it was parsnip soup!) that was on the menu.  The food was interesting and delicious. The service was wonderful.

I really loved the ambiance of the common tables at Clyde Common.  We always share, and Wednesday night it was Popcorn with brown butter and Old Bay (LOVED!); Beets, buttermilk, chimichurri, and pine nuts; and the real star….Quail and pork terrine (mostly because of the presentation)….

Quail and pork Terrine Clyde Common

OK!  the photo doesn’t really do it justice!

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