A Profusion of Pots and a Packet of Parsley

parsley pots

The profusion of pots on the gardening shelf in our garage is evidence of my lack of success with orchids, and basically most houseplants. The husband was getting a bit cranky about how much area those little pots were taking up in a limited space. So when I received a packet of Heirloom Sweet Parsley, Triple Curled as a gift, I decided to put those pots to use.

parsley in pots

I have twelve pots with parsley. And I have a plan. I’m going to let those parsley plants grow a bit and then give them to friends. My own parsley will be growing in a big pot outdoors. Parsley is a rich source of anti-oxidant nutrients so we will all benefit.

 Although it is said that the Greeks used parsley medicinally and that their warriors fed parsley to their horses, I’ve read that it was the Romans who first used parsley as a food. And apparently they used it in large quantities….to counter strong odors and discourage intoxication at banquets.

Parsley can be chewed to freshen the breath, or infused for use as a digestive tonic or a hair tonic, but I use it in the kitchen. I add it to salads, use it for the herbal blend Bouquet Garni, and add it to soups and stews towards the end of the cooking time.  The husband uses it as a garnish.

But my all time favorite use for parsley is for Tabbouleh, a mint and parsley salad very common in the Middle East.  And that, my friends, will be the next post.


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